Employers – Tips for hosting your Christmas function

The annual Christmas function is often the biggest event on the work social calendar. It is a great opportunity to celebrate the achievements for the year and to socialise with colleagues in a relaxed environment. However, the combination of a … Continue reading

Can your employer comment on your appearance?

Recently, an employee made an application to the Fair Work Commission to order his employer to stop bullying him, after his supervisor had asked him what happened to his face.[1] Although the Fair Work Commission found that raising the issue … Continue reading

Rental reforms: good news for animal loving tenants

The Victorian Government has announced a new package of residential tenancy reforms. As one in four Victorians rent, this initiative aims to make renting fairer and give tenants more rights. The reforms are expected to be introduced to Parliament in … Continue reading


On October 1 2017, the Attorney General George Brandis Q.C. announced a range of initiatives to better protect the rights of older Australians. These initiatives are part of the Government’s $15 million election commitment to lead a national agenda to … Continue reading

High penalties for underpaying workers

Amendments to the Fair Work Act have been introduced to protect vulnerable workers. These new laws seek to address the exploitation of workers who are deliberately and systematically underpaid. These changes have been welcomed as a response to the highly … Continue reading

Excessive credit and debit card surcharge ban

As of 1 September 2017, it is illegal for businesses of all sizes to charge excessive surcharges on certain credit, debit and prepaid card payments. The ban covers Visa and MasterCard credit cards, debit cards, prepaid cards and American Express … Continue reading

Termination of Employment

There may be a number of legitimate reasons why an employer may need to terminate an employee i.e. the role is no longer needed, the employee has failed to perform at the required standard. Whatever the situation, an employer must … Continue reading

Employers, did you know…

A notice of termination cannot be issued to an employee concurrently with their annual leave? Modern awards may still apply to your staff even if they do not have an employment contract? A restraint of trade clause may be invalid … Continue reading

“Special Skills” and Family Law

Historically, Family Law Courts have provided for property distributions which significantly favour a breadwinner who has utilised their “special skills” in a high wealth relationship. The principles regarding “special skills” contributions have long been a contentious issue in Family Law, … Continue reading

Accountants’ Liability for Payroll Discrepancies Under Recent Federal Circuit Court Decision

Accountants and payroll managers are now under an obligation to report discrepancies in employee payment rates following what is being referred to as a ‘landmark’ decision in the Federal Circuit Court. The Fair Work Ombudsman found that Blue Impression, which … Continue reading