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Electronic Signatures: How effective are they?

In the age of technology and the Internet, more and more communications are taking place electronically. Many business men and women are putting away their pens and paper and instead opting for the faster, instant world of technology, using their … Continue reading

To flash your lights or not to flash your lights – that is the question

It is quite common for drivers to flash their lights at oncoming vehicles in an attempt to warn their fellow road users of a nearby speed camera. It’s so commonplace in fact, that many would consider it customary to do … Continue reading

Off-The-Plan Purchases

What is “off-the-plan”? OTP purchases generally refer to the purchase of a property before it has been built. This can mean that the property is still in the design and planning stages and construction has not yet begun or is … Continue reading

Increased Duties Relating to Child Sexual Abuse

In Victoria, the law has until recently only required a limited list of prescribed professionals to report ‘children in need of protection’. These included registered medical practitioners, nurses, teachers, school principals, members of the police force, youth or social workers, … Continue reading

Baseline Sentencing

The Victorian Government is currently seeking to amend current sentencing requirements through the introduction of the Sentencing Amendment (Baseline Sentences) Bill 2014 (“the Bill”). The Bill is designed to further deter persons from committing a wide range of crimes, thereby … Continue reading

Family Violence

Family violence is a devastating and complex issue that affects many Australian families. With an increase in public awareness and concern about the prevalence of family violence amongst Australian families and its tragic effects on those families, recent governments have … Continue reading

COTA Victoria Working Paper on Social Isolation, Mental Health and welbeing of Older Victorians

The COTA Working Paper launched by Dr Cathy Mead, Chair of COTA comes at the other end of this discussion in identifying the risks of mental illness for older people if they remain isolated and excluded. So what do we … Continue reading

The Mental Health Bill 2014

Breaking news this year was the publication of the Mental Health Bill 2014. The Mental Health Bill seeks to amend the Mental Health Act 1986 and when it commences and becomes law on 1 July 2014 seeks to introduce reforms … Continue reading

Client FUNction 2014

We at Hutchinson Legal would like to thank all of those who attended our Client FUNction Movie Night on Monday, 26 May 2014. It was a great night catching up with clients, friends and family of Hutchinson Legal. We hope … Continue reading

Increased Mandatory Reporting Requirements in Victoria

The challenges of child sexual abuse and violence have been thrust into the public spotlight over recent years, with a dramatic increase in community awareness of these previously “taboo” topics. Significant media and community attention has called for legal reform … Continue reading