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October 28, 2011

My family decided that we needed to re-do our deck as some of the boards at the edges had become warn. When our builder son removed the boards, to our amazement most of the support beams had become rotten and weathered. It could have been disastrous.

In an article recently in the Maroondah Leader (18 October 2011), residents were alerted to the safety concerns that our homes can present. Drawing on Archicentre’s Home Renovation Services Report, 42 per cent of Maroondah homes were found to have significant trip and slip hazards, 33 per cent electrical hazards and 20 per cent significant cracking caused by rotten timber stumps.

For older persons, especially those living alone and independently, it is sometimes difficult to attend to the numerous home maintenance demands; consequently, the home can become neglected and these safety concerns more readily apparent.

The article mentioned home safety inspection telephone numbers from Archicentre that are available to age pensioners, Veterans’ Affairs card holders and people with a disability. The numbers are: 1300 136 513 and 9815 1900.

The numbers of older persons wanting to remain living in their homes may be increasing andA033-00640_Elderly_couple_in_the_garden_behind_their_house_England alongside that comes the demand for extra services. The Archicentre inspection reports may assist residents live longer and more safely in their homes. At Hutchinson Legal we are aware of the legal concerns that comes with this growing need and we can assist residents plan appropriately for the years ahead, whether in advising about home care services, the advantage and disadvantages about retirement or nursing home facilities or assisting with the legal documents that empower older persons and accord them a greater measure of security and control around their assets, and principally their main asset: their home.

Like most things, as indeed in our own home, early attention and intervention can prevent disasters.

If we can assist, please call Hutchinson Legal on 9870 9870.

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