Eldercare Legal – Concession Public Transport Fares for Seniors around Australia

July 23, 2009

Senior card holders now have access to concession fares on public transport in States other than their home state. 800,000 senior card holders are estimated to benefit from this scheme, and the number of senior card holders who can access interstate concessions will total more than 3 million.

The Scheme is a welcomed boost for communities and businesses that depend on tourism. Further it is hoped that the scheme will make travelling more affordable for senior card holders, making it easier for them to visit family and friends outside their home state.

This $50 million national agreement follows the Australian Government’s recent agreement with Great Southern Rail to introduce concessions for Senior Card holders, and is considered by many to be a necessary and welcomed step.

Generally senior cards are issued by state and territory governments to residents who are over the age of sixty (60) and who are no longer working full time.

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