Infringement Notices and the Legal Robot

August 26, 2016

Have you received a fine for having parked illegally? It’s likely that the majority of Victorian motorists will, at some point, incur such a penalty. In 2014-15, a survey of 21 Local Councils found that over $257 million in parking fines and fees were raised, with the City of Melbourne contributing to over one-third of this, with $91.5 million raised.

To combat the increasing revenue from such fines across the world, Joshua Browder, a 19 year old Stanford Student in the United States, has created international headlines with the creation of his ‘DoNotPay’ service, a free service tackling parking ticket appeals.  After logging in to the ‘DoNotPay’ website, the legal robot asks various questions to determine how a legal document can best be crafted for each specific case to maximise the chances of an appeal request being granted.

The success of the legal robot in preparing parking ticket appeals in the US has now spread to the UK where Browder has developed a variation for the homeless and less fortunate to appeal housing disputes.

Many people are not aware that upon being issued with an Infringement Notice, there are various options for you to consider if you dispute the infringement.  These include – writing to the issuing authority for a review of the Notice or having the matter heard before a Magistrate to argue why liability is denied.

Until such a time as the ‘DoNotPay’ Legal Robot makes its way to Australia, give us a call on 03 9870 9870 if you require assistance with disputing an Infringement Notice.

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