Intervention Order Insights

May 31, 2009

We have acted for many clients, some of whom have been applying for Family Violence or Stalking Intervention Orders and others who have been unfairly targeted (for example, false accusations of abuse or inappropriate behaviour). It is also not uncommon for an application for an Intervention Order by one side to be met with a “counter-application” by the other side making claims of inappropriate behaviour.

In one case, our client declared she was tired of being abused, intimidated, taunted and abused and being forced to be subjected to a barrage of loud music and other sounds by her neighbour and her family. The neighbour in turn alleged that our client had let her dog enter his property on several occasions and alleged that our client had in the past intimidated, harassed and generally tried to make life very unpleasant for the neighbour, his family and friends even to the point of a street meeting being organised and threatening to have him and his family removed from the premises.

This matter was ultimately resolved by mutual undertakings being given to the Court in an attempt to resolve the matter.

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