Job Worries

October 1, 2013

In uncertain times, many people start to become concerned about the stability of their jobs, not knowing when or for what reasons their employment might be terminated. Others knowingly put up with wrong treatment simply to try to keep their jobs.

While difficult economic situations can call for employees’ flexibility and understanding, they should also be aware of their rights – some of which are non-negotiable. Every Australian worker has certain protections, including the right to:

  • Be paid and treated fairly;
  • Work without harassment or bullying;
  • Work in a safe environment;
  • Receive proper leave and superannuation entitlements;
  • Be ensured a fair and transparent complaint and disciplinary process;
  • Have employment terminated only for lawful reasons, with proper notice and due process.

The FairWork Ombudsman’s website is a good source of general information about rights and responsibilities for both employees and employers. For professional advice on your personal situation, contactEdmund Saw, Senior Associate on 9870 9870.

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