Many Sides of Domestic Violence

May 31, 2009

Sally is 23 years old and had been in a de facto relationship with her 33 year old partner Greg for six years. Unfortunately, their relationship was marred by domestic violence that involved physical and emotional abuse.

Sally endured many years of physical and emotional abuse from Greg who, apart from physically hurting Sally, would often humiliate her verbally in front of their 3 year old daughter Cassie and close friends.

Over time, Greg had separated Sally from her family and friend networks, which left her feeling helpless and without any support or people to help her out of this relationship.  When Sally did try to contact family, Greg would continue his emotional abuse to make Sally feel guilty and more isolated than before.

Following a heated argument at the height of this domestic violence in 2008, Greg locked Sally out of the matrimonial home and refused to allow Sally to take her 3-year old daughter Cassie with her.

For the next 6 months Sally resided with her mother and, despite begging Greg, only saw Cassie approximately 3 times for only a precious few hours at Greg’s house and in his presence. Greg would only allow her to see Cassie at his discretion and would continue to refuse to let Sally take Cassie home.

Desperate to find a solution to this awkward Family Law problem, Sally came to Hutchinson Legal for some advice. An urgent Application to the Federal Magistrates Court was filed immediately on her behalf with the relevant affidavit outlining the circumstances of the relationship.

At the first Court attendance thereafter, Sally obtained interim orders to spend time with Cassie 5 nights each fortnight. On a final basis, Sally was able to spend 6 nights each fortnight with her daughter. The whole legal process only took 7 to 8 months and paved the way forward for Sally to rightfully spend more time with her daughter Cassie.

Soon after the hearing, Hutchinson Legal’s Family Law solicitor Engi Messih received a letter from Sally to the effect: ‘I would like to thank you for everything you have done on my behalf over the last few months. Thank you for making it possible for me to spend time with my daughter. My daughter and I wish you luck in whatever you do in the future. Thank you.

The above names are fictitious and are in no way in reference to real individuals.

There were extenuating circumstances as to why Sally could not obtain orders to spend more than 6 nights with her daughter.

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