2014 Calendar Photo Submission

With the great popularity of our 2013 “Beach” themed calendar, we have already started collecting for next year’s edition! We invite all clients and friends to submit their photos for entry into the 2014 “Australian Bush” themed calendar.

As you consider submitting an image, please bear in mind the following:

  • The theme for this calendar is “Australian Bush”.
  • All images must be high-resolution digital photographs in JPEG format.
  • All images must be original photographs created by the submitter.
  • If a photo is taken of a person, his/her permission for the photo to be featured in the calendar must be obtained. If taking a photo of a person under the age of 18, please obtain written permission from their parental/legal guardian and send it in with your entry.
  • By submitting your photograph, you provide authorisation to Hutchinson Legal to edit, crop and/or use the image in publications or on its website.
  • Individual acknowledgement of the photographer will not be made.

We appreciate your willingness to be part of the 2014 calendar!

Unfortunately, due to space restrictions, not all images submitted will be included. By submitting a photo below, you are expressing agreement to the conditions listed above.

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