Should we serve alcohol at teenager’s parties?

November 24, 2011

When a child turns eighteen parents are faced with many questions. When will they go for their license? Have they enrolled to vote? How will we celebrate?

It is imaginable that this last question instils an amount of fear into every parent. A lot of organisation and effort goes into planning celebrations. And particularly if your child wants to have a party you’realcohol-abuse1-300x200 confronted with the choice of whether to allow drinking.

If you choose to allow alcohol at a party, it is important to note that as of November 2011 it is an offence to serve alcohol to a minor in a private residence without the consent from a parent of guardian. The law already states that it is an offence to serve alcohol to a minor unless in a private home but the new law removes this exemption unless a parent or guardian gives consent.

Victoria Legal Aid suggests that guests at the party require permission from parents in writing to avoid any potential legal issues.

Alternatively hiring a function venue for your child’s party is a way to ensure that you have no legal liability if minors consume alcohol, although the price attached for hiring a room can at times be hefty.

At Hutchinson Legal we would suggest that parents try to avoid a situation where minors and alcohol could both be present. This could mean becoming more creative with ideas for celebrating your teen’s birthday! A paintball day for boys, high tea and fancy dress for girls etc! Something unique and tailored to your child’s interests would be a refreshing alternative to the party scene!

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