Student Visas

June 3, 2009

Students from around the world may study in Australia whether their course be at tertiary, secondary or even primary level.   Student visas are granted by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) to students from over 190 different countries.  DIAC considers student visa applications according to Assessment Levels: each country is assigned an Assessment Level according to immigration risks posed by students from that country studying in their particular education level.

When students finally arrive in Australia, the student visa granted to them means they can remain in Australia as lawful non-citizens.  Their student visa is a temporary visa which usually has stringent reporting and compliance requirements.  Sadly, we have seen several cases where those reporting and compliance requirements have not been met by the students; as a consequence, the visas have been revoked and the students have returned home without completing their course.

We have also encountered students who desire to obtain permanent residency in Australia after completing their studies. They are usually attracted by the lifestyle and diverse opportunities Australia can offer.  However, we have seen many of these students return to their home country after graduation because they could not meet the minimum requirements to apply for these permanent visas.  Some of these students came to our office too late or did not seek advice when choosing courses; in some cases, students did not understand the requirements for the relevant permanent visa application.

It is never too early to seek advice and make informed choices.

At Hutchinson Legal we have registered migration agents who have experience in providing advice and assistance in various categories of visa applications as well as review applications.  Strategy and early planning are the keys to a successful visa application and achieving the dream of completing a course or even living permanently in this beautiful country!

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