Wills and Bushfire Information Kit

May 31, 2009

Many families are now trying to gather themselves after their loss from the fires on Black Saturday.  Some have contacted solicitors to enquire about their Will: what can they do if they have lost their original Will in the fire?; what can they do if someone died and the original Will was destroyed?

The Probate office through the Supreme Court website has made available a ‘Bushfire Information Kit’ that attempts to answer many questions such as those above.  They also have a contact line: Ms Raelene Smith (03) 9603 9286 or Ms Rose Gontran (03) 9603 9284.

These recent experiences highlight the advantage of having solicitor made Wills rather than kit made Wills: original Wills or even copies made through solicitors can be resurrected and used for the purposes of probate applications and can mean that a matter not drag on for too long or drain the Estate of its funds.

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