Bankruptcy & Alternatives

Hutchinson Legal can provide advice to bankruptcy trustees in relation to all aspects of bankruptcy administration and assist trustees to recover as much divisible property as possible for the benefit of creditors. This includes seeking to set aside voidable transactions and effectively realising interests in real property.

Hutchinson Legal can also provide advice to bankrupts that wish to challenge the various decisions made by bankruptcy trustees, such as income contribution assessments, denial of requests to travel overseas, objections to discharge from bankruptcy as well as seeking a review of the remuneration, costs and fees claimed by the bankruptcy trustee from the bankrupt estate.

There are also alternatives to bankruptcy and a person with a regular income and limited assets may be able to enter a Debt Agreement as a compromise of their debts. You should ensure you consider all the alternatives before you decide to make yourself bankrupt and obtain legal advice before taking such a step. The Corporate team at Hutchinson Legal can advise you in relation to completing a Statement of Affairs and the consequences of becoming bankrupt.

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