Our Commitment

Quality Legal Service

We seek to provide a high quality legal service for our clients at every opportunity. From the first consultation, we will be committed to finding the best possible legal solution for our clients and provide the highest level of client support, communication and service until the matter is resolved.

Following the first consultation, you should expect to receive a Client Instruction Letter outlining the scope of the legal task that you have requested of us.  When the Client Instruction Letter is received, we encourage you to read it carefully and ensure it covers all aspects of the matter as instructed by you. You will then be requested to sign a copy of the Client Instruction Letter and return it to our office to confirm that it accords with your expectations and instructions.


We seek to maintain a legal service which allows clients to have access to their Hutchinson Legal Solicitor. In the event that the Solicitor is unable to be contacted at that time, we will ensure a message is sent to them directly so that you are contacted as soon as circumstances allow.

Understanding and Working with our Clients to Achieve a Result

We consider a successfully managed legal matter is a matter which achieves the best result for our client. Accordingly, we encourage clients to set out for us, when providing their initial instructions, their desired result. This will enable us to advise them of the likely cost of achieving that result. We can also advise of avenues available through negotiations.

Prompt Answering of Telephone Calls

We are committed to:
Answering calls promptly
Returning calls promptly

Working with Other Professionals

At Hutchinson Legal, we realise that whilst we can provide legal services to our clients, there are times when clients may require the assistance of other professionals. Accordingly, where appropriate, we will refer clients to other professionals such as accountants, valuers, environmental specialists, financial planners, etc. Naturally, we would only recommend other professionals after consulting with you.

Cost Effective Service

We are committed to providing clients not only a high quality service, but also a cost-effective service. When appropriate, we will be pleased to provide an estimate of the likely cost of an action when we receive instructions. We are also able to discuss alternatives in which a matter may be dealt with so that legal services are provided in a way that suits your particular requirements.