Children’s Court

Not all criminal matters proceed through the Magistrates Courts. At Hutchinson Legal, our experienced lawyers also appear at all specialist courts such as the Children’s Court, Assessment and Referral Court (‘ARC’) and Drug Court.

Children’s Court Matters

Children charged with a criminal offence usually have their matters heard and determined by the Children’s Court.

The Children’s Court hears and determines both summary and indictable offences. However, some offences are deemed too serious or inappropriate to be determined by the Children’s Court and are heard in the adult jurisdiction by a higher Court.


The emphasis when sentencing a Child is to:

  • Rehabilitate the child
  • Encourage the child to continue with their education and/or employment
  • Foster a relationship between the child and their family
  • Reduce the stigma of the Criminal Justice System

Diversion is also available in Children’s Court matters, where children are able to engage in programs both at the pre-diversion stage and as required in relation to completing their Diversion program. Upon completion of the Diversion program, that child will avoid a criminal conviction.

Should Diversion be refused and either a plea of guilty is entered or there is a finding of guilt, the Court has a number of options for sentence listed below.

Non-Custodial Sentences available:

Custodial Sentences available:

At Hutchinson Legal, we understand the level of care that you have for your children and we will reflect that level of care in our services to you.

*Sentencing in the Children’s Court, March 2019, Sentencing Advisory Council of Victoria;

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