Diversion Program

We can assist with criminal law matters, including briefing an experienced barrister (when needed) to appear on the client’s behalf at Court.

For (mainly) first time offences, the Diversion Program is available (with the prosecution’s consent) to avoid a conviction.

The program provides offenders with the opportunity to avoid a criminal record by undertaking conditions that will benefit the offender, victim and the community as a whole. The program operates in all Magistrates’ Courts throughout Victoria. The program provides the following benefits to offenders, victims and the community overall. It ensures that restitution is made to the victim of the offence if appropriate; ensures the victim receives an apology if appropriate; reduces the likelihood of re-offending; assists offenders to avoid an accessible criminal record; assists in the provision of rehabilitation services to the offender; increases the use of community resources to provide counseling and treatment services and assists local community projects with voluntary work and donations.

The charges are adjourned while the Diversion Plan is undertaken. If the conditions are successfully completed, the charges are discharged with no finding of guilt and the outcome is recorded in a similar manner as a caution. The record is not available to the public, including potential employers.

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