Drink Driving Offences

Drivers who have been charged with drink driving face a very complex area of the law.  Losing one’s driving licence for a period of time is only one potential cost of drink driving, with the inevitable inconvenience and potential strain on family and job. A Court may have the power to also heavily fine and impose onerous restrictions and requirements to get one’s licence back, including interlock devices and attendance at educational courses. In some cases, imprisonment may be ordered. Quite apart from the criminal consequences, the drink driving itself may indicate deeper problems that may need addressing.

“Sitting back” and awaiting an outcome at Court is one way of dealing with the situation. However, there is much that can be done to hopefully minimise the likely penalty handed down. Clients may provide us with details of their matter and we can obtain details from the police and organise and brief an experienced barrister (when needed) to appear on a client’s behalf in Court.

In addition to briefing a barrister, we can put clients in touch with accredited courses and counsellors that would hopefully assist in the court outcome and possibly address other personal issues.

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