Drug Court

Not all criminal matters proceed through the Magistrates Courts. At Hutchinson Legal, our experienced lawyers appear at all specialist courts such as the Children’s Court, Assessment and Referral Court (‘ARC’) and Drug Court.

Drug Court is a specialist Court that assists those suffering from dependency of drugs and/or alcohol and have exhausted all sentencing options other than imprisonment.

The Drug Court places you on a Drug Treatment Order to aid in your rehabilitation. To be eligible for a Drug Treatment Order, you must:

  • Have a substance abuse issue;
  • Reside in or have committed majority of the of the offences within the Court’s catchment area; and
  • Be sentenced to a significant term of imprisonment

You may be ineligible for a Drug Treatment Order if you:

  • Do not reside within the catchment area;
  • Commit an offence that is of a violent or sexual nature;
  • Have matters that are to be heard and determined in a higher court.

You can be sentenced to a short term of imprisonment and a Community Corrections Order, it all depends on the circumstances of the offence, as well as your own personal circumstances.

Upon being found suitable to engage in a Drug Treatment Order, the accused is placed on a Drug Treatment Order.

There are specific requirements and strict rules that apply to participation in the Drug Treatment Order. Such requirements involve weekly appointments and testing for substance abuse as well as weekly attendance at Court for judicial monitoring.

Non-compliance or further offending whilst on a Drug Treatment Order can result in the cancellation of the Order.

At Hutchinson Legal, our lawyers are able to provide you with advice as to your eligibility to appear in the Drug Court and who are able to represent you in Court.

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