Intervention Orders – Family Violence

An Intervention Order is a court order made by a Magistrate under the Family Violence Protection Act 2008 or the Personal Safety Intervention Order Act 2010. An application for an intervention order can be made under the Family Violence Protection Act 2008 where there is a family relationship or a person is or has been involved in a relationship.

The purpose of a family violence intervention order is to ensure the safety of the affected family member; or preserve any property of the affected family member; or protect a child who has been subjected to family violence committed by the respondent.

An Intervention Order restricts some behaviour of people, for example, what they can do, where they can go. An intervention order may prohibit or restrict a person (the respondent) from committing family violence against the protected person, behaving offensively towards the protected person, approaching (or going near) a protected person, attending at premises where an protected person lives, works or frequents; being at a particular location, following the protected person, contacting or communicating with the protected person, damaging property owned by the protected person or arranging for another person to do what the respondent is not allowed to do as stated in the order.

An Intervention Order may also direct the respondent to participate in prescribed counseling, or suspend or cancel any firearms licence, permit or authority or weapons approval or exemption held by the respondent.

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