Summary Offences

Criminal Process

The criminal process is divided into two jurisdictions:

  • The Summary Jurisdiction – less serious offences
  • The Indictable Jurisdiction – more serious offences

Summary Jurisdiction

Offences in the Summary Jurisdiction are considered to be less serious and therefore summary charges are usually heard and determined in the Magistrates’ Court by a single Magistrate.

Some offences, although part of the Indictable Jurisdiction, can be recommended to be heard summarily, and your case will be determined by a single Magistrate. While there is no jury, the Magistrate’s maximum sentencing is restricted and the whole process is usually faster and less expensive.

At Hutchinson Legal, our lawyers are experienced in running summary offence matters at the Magistrates’ Court and can provide you with the assistance in either contesting or resolving your matters.

If you are charged summarily, you can likely expect the following process:

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