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There are several main areas in which our dedicated and caring Eldercare team can listen to your needs in order to provide experienced legal advice.

  1. Wills and Estate Planning

It is important to leave clear instructions as to how you wish your estate to be distributed after you die. This saves your loved ones the heartache of your estate being distributed according to the laws of intestacy if you die without a will. It also ensures your loved ones are adequately provided for and protected and reduces the possibility of disputes occurring between dissatisfied family members.

  1. Powers of Attorney/Administration/Guardianship

Enduring Powers of Attorney are important documents which appoint a trusted person to make financial, personal and medical decisions for you, when you can no longer do so. These documents may save loved ones (or medical care providers) having to make applications to the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (V.C.A.T) for Orders appointing an Administrator or Guardian to manage your affairs.

  1. Lifestyle and Residential Care Advice

Recent changes to the Aged Care Act 1997 and the Residential Villages Act 1999 have made the decision as to whether to stay at home with help or to sell or rent the family home and move to a residential care facility very confusing and frightening. It is important to have the right financial, legal and practical advice when making these decisions. We are able to support and guide you through this process by providing the necessary legal advice and by connecting you with other appropriate resources.

  1. Elder Abuse

The elderly are vulnerable to financial, physical and emotional abuse by family members, neighbours and strangers who target them. Until recently this was a hidden problem and sufferers and concerned family members did not know what they could do.

We are able to advise you on the steps which can be taken to prevent or stop the abuse of the elderly, whether by application to the Victorian Administrative Appeals Tribunal (V.C.A.T) or by connecting you to community resources which are available to help.

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