Aged Care Planning

Australia’s ageing population is growing.  Statistics confirm that Australia is on the threshold of demographic change as a result of the ‘greying’ of the baby boomers born after World War II.  The Australian Bureau of Statistics confirms that about 13.5 per cent of Australia’s population is currently 65 years and over; however, by 2030, it is expected to almost double.

This means that we will all need to make plans for our future because there will be, with this change in demographic, an increased demand for professional and other services relevant to the needs of an older population.

At Hutchinson Legal we have people with experience in working with the elderly.  We will assist you in carefully drafting your Will to accommodate your concerns and wishes about your assets and avoid delays associated with an estate dispute.   We can also assist you with Enduring Powers of Attorney and considerations about who should best handle your financial affairs or make medical decisions when you are no longer capable.

Hutchinson Legal can listen to your instructions and clarify your accommodation alternatives.  We are aware that people over the age of 65 are at a greater risk of injury at home.  Care services are available for those who intend to remain at home but sometimes a consideration of long term care needs may lead to new decisions about your accommodation.  Our team at Hutchinson Legal can guide you through this process.

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