Elder Abuse

The elderly are all too familiar that ageing brings change: not only are there challenges with a failing body but there is also the prospect that, to a greater degree, one becomes far more vulnerable to abuse.

Elder Abuse has been referred to as ‘any act occurring in a relationship where there is an implication of trust, which results in harm to an older person’.  The abuse can include physical, psychological, financial, sexual or social abuse.

More and more we are seeing cases of such abuse.  Some of the key indicators of abuse include: unreasonable isolation of the person from the community; evidence of bed sores; failure by a family member to attend to an individual’s health needs; signs of verbal abuse or bullying against an older person; reports of missing jewellery; dwindling bank accounts.

Elder Abuse is a common, though largely hidden problem.  Hutchinson Legal can assist you if you have concerns that such abuse is happening to you, a friend or relative.

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