Wills & Powers of Attorney

A Will is a legal document that enables you to choose who receives your assets after you die.

There are various types of Wills, Standard Wills, Testamentary Trust Wills and Court made Wills. At Hutchinson Legal we will examine your family situation as a whole and will prepare a Will that reflects your main interests and concerns and that protects your family.  Even if you have only a few assets, it is worth making a Will to give guidance and certainty to your loved ones and to simplify the legal process after you die.

In addition to making a Will, we recommend that you also consider Enduring Powers of Attorney (both Financial and Personal, and Medical).  Both of these legal documents give powers to particular people to act on your behalf when you no longer have the legal capacity to make decisions or manage your own affairs, perhaps due to illness or accident, or just old age.  These documents are vitally important if you are living alone.  The Enduring Power of Attorney (Financial and Personal) gives power to a designated person or persons to administer your financial affairs and make decisions about your living arrangements.  The Enduring Power of Attorney (Medical) gives power to a designated person to make medical decisions and to consent to or refuse medical treatment.

At Hutchinson Legal, we can assist you in explaining, preparing and witnessing these documents and we can help to clarify to whom you might give these powers.

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