A Will is a legally binding document that determines how your estate is administered after you die. Without a Will, your estate will be administered is accordance with strict legal rules, which may not be the same as your wishes. A Will is the best way to ensure that your estate is administered in accordance with your intentions.

A carefully drafted Will is also the best way to ensure that your family is provided for, that your assets are protected and that your estate is not the subject of a dispute between family members.

A Will can also appoint a Guardian to look after your children until they can look after themselves.

There are a number of different Wills that can be prepared including Mutual Wills, Testamentary Trust Wills or Wills made by Court Order. A Testamentary Trust Will may protect your assets from being the subject of claims by the former spouse and business creditors of your beneficiaries, or from the Trustee in a Bankruptcy.

Our legal team can assist you in the preparation of the Will that is right for you and ensure that your final wishes for your estate are administered with precision and care.

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