Contracts and Agreements

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Businesses often enter into a broad range of agreements with other parties throughout the course of their operations. The most common of these agreements are contracts for the acquisition and sale of goods and services. Other agreements can extend more broadly to structural agreements such as shareholders, partnership and joint venture agreements.

The Commercial team at Hutchinson Legal brings a depth of commercial experience to the negotiating table and are ready to assist with the process of arranging terms and conditions for these agreements. We also commonly advise businesses on how they can minimise the possibility of disputes between parties at the contract development stage.

We have learnt that businesses are often placed at a disadvantage through poorly constructed or unfair agreements.  They may even incur liabilities by agreeing to harsh or unfair terms, which could have been avoided at the pre-contractual stage.

Hutchinson Legal enjoys a strong working relationship with a broad range of satisfied commercial clients. Our skills can help you clarify key interests between stakeholders, flag potential risk areas in contract documents and also offer short and long-term strategies and advice when entering into a new, or restructuring an existing, commercial agreement.

Questions? Ask our Commercial Law team.

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