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COVID-19 Edition 9: School Zones During the Covid-19 Crisis

During the current state of emergency, most schools are closed, and learning has moved to the home. It is a time where a person may think that just because schools are not open, then we would not have to adhere to the 40-speed kilometre requirement.  So, what happens if the police stop someone and fine them for speeding? Can we argue that the school is closed and therefore, we can drive at the normal speed prescribed?  In fact, we do not know whether a school is operating or not, as some children are still attending school because their parents are considered essential workers. There is no clear information on whether a school is open or not.  So, the question is:  "Can we still disregard the 40-speed limit zone, if we know the school is closed?"  The answer is no. The law is also not going to change in relation to speed limits because schools have changed their mode of teaching.  This will also apply to private schools as schools are required to follow the directions of the Department of Education.  

Please also refer to our article on Fines and COVID-19 on our website: https://www.hutchinsonlegal.com.au/covid-19-edition-3-fines-and-drones/

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