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Certificates of Title – from Paper to Electronic

From 3 August 2024 all new land titles issued in Victoria will be electronic, which means that paper certificates of title are being phased out. It is important to note however that existing paper titles remain valid until the next transaction occurs.

Adopting electronic land titles speeds up, simplifies, and secures property transactions while reducing environmental impacts by eliminating the need for printing and transporting paper certificates. This move aligns Victoria with other Australian states that have already transitioned to digital titles.

As a property owner, here are some things you need to know during this significant transition.

Over 65% of Victorian titles are already electronic, and property owners do not need to take any immediate action. A search conducted on the land titles office website can reveal whether a property currently has an electronic or paper title.

It is necessary to engage a legal professional in any dealings with an electronic title.

It is recommended that existing paper certificates of title should be stored with a property lawyer when dealing with real property (houses and land).

If you are unsure when to consult a property lawyer, consider these common situations:

- Searching for property information.

- Buying or selling a house.

- Transferring property ownership.

- Replacing a lost paper title.

- Discharging a mortgage on the certificate of title.

- Converting General Law title to Torrens title.

- Transferring property shares under a will or family law contract.

- Dealing with land in another capacity.

We are committed to ensuring your transactions are managed seamlessly and securely during this transformative period and beyond. If you have any queries please telephone our property team on 9870 9870.

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