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Updates to rental laws

If you are a landlord or a tenant, you may remember that there were some new rental laws that came into effect last year on 29 March 2021 which included the application of basic minimum standards to rental agreements that started after this date.  

There have also been some standards that had a delayed start and have been phased in over time.

The most recent change that landlords should be aware of is as follows:

From 29 March 2022, windows in rooms that are likely to be used as bedrooms or living areas now must be fitted with curtains or blinds that can be opened and closed, adequately block light and provide reasonable privacy.  

This change only applies to new rental agreements (fixed term or periodic) that start on or after 29 March 2022.

Landlords should also be aware that from 29 March 2023, rental properties must have all power outlets and lighting circuits connected to a circuit breaker and a switchboard type residual current device that complies with Australian safety standards. Landlords will also need to make sure that there is an energy efficient fixed heater in good working order installed in the main living area in rented premises.  If there is an existing fixed heater that is not energy efficient, the landlord must upgrade it.

If the landlord does not comply with the minimum standards, tenants will have the right to request urgent repairs and/or end the rental agreement if the tenants have not moved in yet.


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